Age : 19

Capturing beautiful moments by photography, everything mysterious, dressing-up and feeling edgy for myself, listening to Chinese people talk in Chinese(I don't understand it, but it just sounds gorgeous), wandering.

Basically a small village in Korea and sometimes Seoul.

-What’s the fashion scene like in South Asia, and where are you from ?

In Korea, for teens: avant-garde, funky in general (in my opinion), grunge, dandy and just typical Asian cute ones.

-I noticed a lot of black pieces that you wear, is that a must have for you ?
 Not like a must have ,but I just naturally and unconsciously don't even take a look at colorful pieces when shopping.
 Black is just stable, simple but charming. I always try to make my outfits not to be boring although they're all black from head to toe.

-What’s different about traveling from New York To South Asia ?

I've only been to NYC through movies and books. From my experiences of vacations in other countries, even people's trivial behaviors are different. 
We tend not to be that out-going, talk about trivial things to strangers, and there are not that enough "cool" and huge vintage/thrift shops here.
 There are lots of select (multi) shops and most teens know quite well about designers' brands. It's cool but it's sometimes sad when they seem to prefer brands just because they're brands.

-What do you do in your spare time ?

Wandering with my cameras and iPod, hanging out with my friends, dancing, thinking, looking at the night sky!

-How do you pronounce your name ?
 Literally H + yo and in and bei. so, Hio-in Bei! my nickname is Hyoni though.


What’s your take on American fashion ?

It's like a big rainbow to me. very various since it's the hugest multi cultural country. but whenever I think of American fashion, it makes me think of shorts, tanning and slippers first. sexy and liberal in general.