Thinking about all the amazing affairs that have happened to me in this past year is a bit overwhelming, but i holds no match to the many groundbreaking business to come. I got some amazing news today that I can't talk about too much right now - but don't say i didn't give you guys a heads up. Besides that - ITS FALL! Time for endless draping, leather over leather, knee high boot... the works! Sadly we've (New York) have been stuck in summer this past week, but with this past weekend came weather that I don't think anyone was prepared for. ITS FREEZING - OUT OF NOWHERE! I don't even own a coat yet; well at least a coat that i didn't wear/work to the bone these past fall/winter's. Its time for me to revamp my fall wardrobe; being that i haven't done any major shopping during the summer (because i dread the summer season) I need to crwal out my little hole in the wall and get to work.

photo courtesy mj.brooklyn