So, today we rapped up the last spread for the next issue of LMSVC. It went wonderfully, of course . I took these photos right before i flew out the door. My latest purchase ( and one of my last for a while, or not. ) are these beautiful ankle boots from bessnyc. Bess is known for their one-of-a-kind studded, dyed and altered pieces. I've been plotting on these booties for the past two weeks! Thinking, "Is it really worth it?", "Can i live without them?" , "HOW WILL I EAT NEXT WEEK?!"... and with all those thoughts in my head I stilled went with my first instinct and stomped into the small boutique in soho, ny with my credit card in hand and demanded my size! Well, not really...but i would have loved if it actually played out that way. BESS -One of the best one best one-stop-shop's here in n.y.