So, since the second issue of LMSVC is done and in the works -I finally have the time to post some of a my good finds. Let me first start by stating that though, TopMan, is very generic; they host some of the best jewelry! I stop in the jewelry department at least twice a week! During my last visit i stumbled upon my "3-D" necklace that hasn't left my neck since i purchased it. I thought it would be a perfect match for my two finger ring that i snagged at Oaknyc. The ring on my pointer finger, i seen last summer via a street vendor, but since i was low on cash that day i decided to pass it up, but i told myself if i ever seen it again it would be mine! Can you believe almost a year later I happen to be walking down Spring Street (soho, ny) and the guy selling the ring just so happen to be there with MY ring!?

layers upon layers of black - you know the deal.

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